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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Handy tips for the solo traveller

The thought of going away by yourself can be daunting. Being in a new city, in a new country with different values is certainly a shock to the system, but it's an amazing way to discover just what you're made of. After all, you'll be with you forever, so you may as well get to know yourself. If you're considering solo travel, here are some tips to get you started.

1. Don't Panic!
It's easy to get complacent when travelling in a group or with a partner. When you're travelling solo though, it's very easy to panic if you get into a pickle. From misplaced passports to stomach bugs to getting completely lost, there are plenty of things to look out for. Of course, it's unlikely that any of that will actually happen to you as long as you keep your wits about you and make sure you keep a level head.

2. Stop and smell the roses
This is perhaps the greatest perk of solo travel. As humans, most of us are social beings, and friends for life can be met anywhere. If you're craving some company, go out and find some! Meeting new and like minded people can add so much to your trip. Sharing everything from travel tips to sun cream and exploring with someone new, even if it's only for a day can we extremely rewarding.

4. #LiveLikeALocal
Although it's super cliche, living like a local (and by that I mean eating the local food, staying in guest houses and small locally run hotels rather than the 5 star corporate giants and generally immersing yourself in the culture) is something to really sink your teeth into. It's very easy to explore a new country whilst not really exploring it at all. For example, imagine going to Thailand and staying in a beautiful 5* hotel in Bangkok, all inclusive. It has a pool, spa, comfy bed, flat screen TV, WiFi and even a mini bar. Why would you need to leave?  Beyond the wall of this hotel is bustling hotbed of unimaginable treasures. From fried crickets to golden temples (don't forget to add in copious amounts of organised chaos) leaving the creature comforts of the hotel will truly be an eye-opening experience. It will encourage you to truly immerse yourself in the country you've come to explore and not just peek from afar.

Good luck, have fun and #LiveTheDream

J x

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